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8th Royal Tank Regiment Reunion Association

Welcome to our website.  It has taken some time to get there but here we are and we hope you find this site of interest and that it recalls happy days with the regiment.

We do not hold regular meetings but we do hold a very popular Annual Reunion which is held in Bournemouth each year in March.  Sadly each year we seem to lose an old friend but surprisingly we seem to find new members and our numbers seem to maintain a steady level.

For details of the Reunion see the Reunion Page where you will find details of the next one which will be held as usual in Bournemouth on the 13-15th March 2015. We are also at looking at a more central location which will be more convenient for those  who find the trek down to Bournemouth a bit daunting. Initially it may be that these gatherings will be on a smaller scale and not intended to replace our traditional Annual event in Bournemouth.

The advantage of Bournemouth is that it is only a short drive away from Bovington and the Tank Museum and Regimental HQ where on the Sunday of our weekend a short service is held followed by a Curry Lunch which rounds off the weekend.